Zac I don't know exactly which one of my message you answered...

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I don't know exactly which one of my message you answered to, it's not important!

Zac, I am not coming down on the Haitians diaspora at all. Au contaire my friend, I am trying to cautious the diaspora with their use of terminologies like "change, getting together to change Haiti.

etc.." These terms have become nothing more like "cliches."

Yes, I did say that Haitians are "passive-aggressive" which is a fact. Since the beginning of time haitians have been calling on Haitians to change Haiti and till this day nothing is done. Haitians can't keep calling on Haitians to get together to change Haiti while they won't put foot in Haiti because they are too fearful of the country, and that is the fact.

I would like to see Haitians drop their call for change and unity to change Haiti because it will never happen.

Changing Haiti is a governmental task/undertaking.

Zac, do you believe the people, citizens, civilians like you, me, Linda, Bougui, and other can really change Haiti without the basic infrastructures in place?


Only the government has the mandate to build roads, electricity, a good health system, a good education system, a good communication system, a good transportation system, etc...etc...

what citizens, civilian who will empty his or her bank account to build and update these infrastructures, honestly?

Without these basic infrastructure in place there is nothing for the diaspora, the people, to build on or from.

Zac, donating some equipments to a school, a hospital, etc..

giving a little piece of bread here and there to a needy Haitian is all good and well, but this is nothing more than charity.

A country cannot and will not be able to move farward to progress in charity.

Like you said, and we all know very well that the Haitian government has always been practicing a politics of exclusion/exclusiveness which is not good for the country.

To fight that primitive politics, to put pressure on the government to change this politics and many others, since the diaspora is the engine of Haiti's economic, I had suggested that the Haitian diaspora start a boycott which would be to stop all money transfers and travel to Haiti for 3 months until the government meets our demands one of which is "dual citizenship."

I also suggested that the diaspora organizes a big sit-in protest in front of the Haitians embassy in DC until the government meet our demands, etc..etc..

Everybody was against it giving every reason in the book.

Tiba, July 18 2009, 7:35 PM

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Zac I don't know exactly which one of my message you answered to, it's not important! Zac, I am not coming down on the... read more >
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