Tiba i thinking you're coming down on us Haitians who live...

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Tiba i thinking you're coming down on us Haitians who live abroad a little too harshly.

I admit we need to do better job uniting to help the country but the government and prominent Haitians living in Haiti are a major problem.

This is what i mean by that, the government, along with the senators and deputies practice an exclusionary politic.

They want the diaspora to sent money, equipments and so on, but they don't want us to have a say or get involved the way they govern the country.

That's why most of people still try to do the little that they can to help.

There are real competent Haitians who can help but guess what, Haitians politicians don't want them involved.

A lot these parliament members can't even spell their own names, yet they're entrusted with creating laws to govern the country.

They have no knowledge of true politic and legal issues all they do is fight amongst themselves and steal.

Why won't they grant Haitians the right to dual citizenship, they're afraid we would unseat them.

They need to do something about this backward constitution.

There are so many Haitians that left Haiti they've been to school and have educated themselves and then you also have the new generation that was born abroad they're educated and experienced they can all contribute to improving Haiti, but the Haitian constitution labels them as unreliable foreigners.

All the while putting their complete faith in the white man thinking he has Haiti's best interest at heart.

I have nothing against white people but I cannot understand why Haitians of all people would trust them as much. No one loves white people more than Haitians.

For centuries white people have been undermining the development of Haiti because it is a black nation.

Until we have competent and intelligent people in Parliament and in the government nothing will change.

Look at how hard it is to get a legal document or start a business in Haiti.

You need the patience of a saint to through all the bureaucracy to get a simple permit.

So try to be fair my friend we are not entirely to blame.

Zac, July 18 2009, 5:18 PM

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