Hans, This has been my point and that I was poking you in the...

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This has been my point and that I was poking you in the eye. I was not criticising you even though it could come across to you in that manner.

What happened to you with those hospital equipment did happen to me too in 1989. I was able, with help of docotr firends, to gather tons of hospital equipments.

We filled up 2 18-wheeler trucks and shipped them to my hometown.

Well, long story short, all of these equipments ended up on the streets, in private homes, and sold to some neighboring clinics.

What you and I did was in form of aid/help was actually charity, and a country cannot survive let onle move forad and succeed in charity.

It is the government job and responsibility to creat/establish a sound health care system, and civilians/citizens, the people can only use their expertise/skills/experience, and manegerial compentence to run it effectively.

The equipments you sent and ended up in those rich doctor's clinics did not reach the goal they were intended for. They ended up helping those rich doctors to get richers and not necessarily helping those who really needed them.

Those Haitians who are in the medical field overseas would be more beneficial to Haiti by trying to arrange meetings with the health miniter and those in Haiti who are in the health care field to exchange ideas and make suggestions on how to improve the health care system in Haiti.

These Haitians in the diaspora can volunteer their time by sacrificing their vacation time to go to Haiti and hold training to those in Haiti.

One other think those Haitians in the medical field overseas can try to establish/create some kind of medical partnership between the hospital where they work and one particular hospital in Haiti where the hospital in the state can provide its expertise, knowledge and equipments to that hospital in Haiti.

I tried that here where I live in upstate New York unfortunately that hospital is already doing something like that with a country in Africa.

They supply a lot of equipments to that hospital and they have doctors from the hospital here going to that country in Africa to volunteering their time training the staff and perform certain difficult and complicated surgeries.

Those who care about education can do the same thing too, and so on and so forth.

These are some concrete positive aniciatives that Haitian diaspora can take if they really want to stop being so passive-aggressive and want to make some contributions to their country.

Tiba, July 18 2009, 11:11 AM

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