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President Preval has come to power with the help of Brazil and the Minustha.

Under pressure the CEP violated its own rules: the white ballots were distributed to the candidates instead of being ignored.

During his first term 1996-2001, President Préval did not govern the country in a democratically way. Interferences in the judicial sytem, jailing opponents for fake coup d'etat, tortures, killings of political foes and journalists were common.

He was a fierce opponent of the legislative branch.

Instead of working together with the Senators and the members of the lower House, He managed to maintain tense relationships and a permanent state of conflict.

At the end He decided to shut off the congressmen and He governed by decrees.

Then He went on organizing fraudulent elections for his mentor Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Mission accopmlished.

Preval Presidency did not change the country.

No new roads were built:today we still have the same roads built under the government of Jean Claude Duvalier by la Sentra and la Sangamo: National #1, National #2 and the Route of Amitié (Port-au-Prince to Jacmel).

To make things worse, Preval couldn't even maintain those roads in good shape.

Traveling from St Marc to Gonaives will take an eternity.

Don't talk about traveling to Mole St Nicolas from Gonaives or to Jérémie from Les Cayes..

Under Preval government (an agronomist) the food production reached its lowest peak. People were saying loudly they were hungry while Preval was. isiting the market of the Croix des Bossales.

We had to import rice, beans, kitchen oil, corn chicken wings from Miami.

We had to import plantains, coconuts, lemons and tomato sauce from Santo Domingo.

Under Preval government rice production in the valley of Artibonite has known its worst season.

Same situation for the coffee.

A demagogic agricultural reform was scheduled to improve the living conditions of the peasants of the Valley of Artibonite.

It was said that the State was going to distribute lands to the peasants.

This program didn't work: very few peolpe got some parcels of land with no other assistance in terms of seed, fertilizers, tools, pesticides and irrigation.

Under Preval Government, the litteracy rate didn't improve.

Nothing was done to reach the families that could not sent their children to school.

The Ministry of Education failed to properly supervised the private schools and make sure directors and teachers were qualified.

The Ministry of Education did not take the appropriate steps to implement technical formation for the Haitian youth.

Nothing was done to improve the non formal education of the adults.

In Healthcare, the infant and maternal mortality rates were stagnant in the rural areas.

Children were dying with diarrhea, malnutrtition, respiratory infections.

Pregnany women did not have acces to prenatal care. Potable water was scarce: At Forêt des Pins peasants have to wait for rain to be able to wash their cloths and to gather water.

In every aspect this government was a failure.

Instead of moving forward we were back pedaling.

The Index of Human Development (United Nations: PNUD) where Haiti is among the bad performers is an objective proof of the disaster.

Do we need another disaster?

The answer is no. But it can happen again unless we remain alert and awake.

It can happen again if we fail to educate the Haitian People and if we fail to tell the truth.

Trebu Patriote, February 20 2007, 3:04 AM

Topic: Coalition against poverty and Aids in Haiti.

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