Bosiko, Enough with the whining! get a grip and chill! Can you...

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Enough with the whining! get a grip and chill!

Can you people understand when somebody asks or poses a question?

I was asking a question.

But if you insiste that I call Haitians incompetent and mediocre ti wouldn't be a far fitch true. The way we have been running/governing out own country, Haiti, has proven time and time again that we are a bunch of incomptent and mediocre.

Bosiko, I do not rely on the master to shape up my view and way of thinking.

I am very well capable of critical thinking, I have 2 eyes, I am capable of observing and making rational essesment about the internal affairs of our country, Haiti.

Isn't it true that our country, Haiti, just keeps going deeper and deeper in a dark whole of despair?

The 204 years of independence from slavery, the second oldest nation in the western hemisphere after United States, is there one big accomplishment to show for it?

All that proves that we are really the most incompetent and mediocre people on the planet.

Haiti is about the size of Connecticut state with only New York City population of 8 milion, and we still cannot run it and govern it to a state of progress.

Aside of millions of dollars being pouring in by the diaspora, Haiti has received more moneies than any other country of the caribbean, and yet, everypassing day in Haiti is worse than the day before.

Tell me this, do we think that our country, Haiti, is in this dark hole of despair because of our know-how to do and our competence?

Tiba, October 21 2008, 12:19 PM

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