Linda, I am Haitian and I am extremely competent too. The true...

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I am Haitian and I am extremely competent too. The true of the matter is that everybody tend to be extremely competent in what they do and in their field of expetise.

And, the other thing is that majority of Haitians keep confusing competence with being college graduate, or being well educated.

My Haitian people that I love so much believe that once someone is a college educated then that person can do everything, the person can run everything, and certainly can govern Haiti.

I do realize and acknowledge that there are extremely competent Haitians out there.

In fact, there is one here in my city. He is a surgeon known around the world.

He is so damn good and competent, people from around the world come here to see him to get operated on. But will have have the competence to govern Haiti?

The jury is out on that one.

I am directing the incompetence and the mediocrity of us, Haitians, in the art of self-governance.

Let's admit it, we cannot govern ourselves and do great things for our country in spite of our high level of education, individual competence and personal accomplishments.

And please don't tell me we can because the last 204 years constitute a reminder of our failures due to our lack of competence and the know-how.

Tiba, October 20 2008, 7:01 PM

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