International Haitian Diaspora Congress 2009

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Under the slogan "La Grande Reunion de la Famille Haitienne", The Haitian League (THL) organized an "International Haitian Diaspora Congress" from Thursday, August 6th to Sunday 9th, 2009 at Trump International Beach Resorts in Miami Beach, Florida, United States.

The Miami Herald (AP) reports that "Hundreds of Haitian and Haitian-American professionals are meeting in South Florida to discuss how they can better help their Caribbean homeland." (

About this event, HAITI INNOVATION said that: "The purpose of the event is to capitalize on the resources that the Diaspora can bring to help build Haiti's economy.

The agenda includes a variety of issues such as boosting tourism, stimulating agricultural production, restoring forests and ecology, managing water supplies, preparing for disasters, achieving literacy, and job creation." (

The Haitian League stated that "This will be the first time that representatives of Haitian Diaspora in a number of countries will convene under one roof to find long-term solutions to the major issues that plague Haitians in and out of Haiti." (

The issue of "Dual Citizenship" for the Haitian Diaspora was one of the hot topics addressed during this event.

However, as per AYITILOKAL.COM, officials from Haiti did not seem to be too excited about this issue (

On the other hands, HAITI INNOVATION informs that "Haitians who have become naturalized citizens of other countries encourage elected officials in Haiti to vote an amendment to the constitution to ensure that Haitians have dual citizenship,'' said Lionel Jean-Baptist, a Haitian-American elected official from Chicago.

"We should enjoy all of the rights any Haitian has in the country and our children should also wherever they may have been born.'' ( ).

According to Miami Herald (AP), The Haitian League's president says "the goal of the conference is to develop a single vision for the often-divided community of Haitians living abroad."

Finally, HAITI INNOVATION pursued to say that "Some people contended that the conference was elitist and excluded everyday Haitians here and at home, partly because of its $250 admission fee. Dark suits were in abundance."

Did you attend this event?

Were you an organizer?

A speaker?

A participant?

A sponsor?


Do you have any concern and would want to participate to share your ideas, comments or opinions?

Comment or reply here. (English, Francais, Kreyòl: Comme vous voulez! Jan ou pipito! )

Andrew Andy Thomas, August 11 2009, 3:50 AM

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