Sure okay, Funny and typically as a Haitian, what you consider...

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Sure okay,

Funny and typically as a Haitian, what you consider to be an open mind is an agreeable mind with your belief and not one which opposes your claim or call for dual citizenry in Haiti's political arena.

There are many way to help Haiti where politic do not have to be the main focus because to help Haiti, believe it or not there are more diaspora can do that do not involve politics and the affiliation of corrupted politicians.

There are many great Haitians in Haiti rich or average and even poor who are looking for sponsors for a lot of creative projects, programs and parameters that either they or a certain diaspora individual can be great surrogates to. As a diaspora or any others obsessed with this idea who actually want to do for Haiti, to show you want to do for Haiti, you would have to prove or have certain preceding actions with physical proofs that show you have been doing, trying to do fro Haiti but that this lack of dual citizenship have gotten in your way. Like proving that you have invested in certain business or projects and such that appears to be or cater to the Interest and agendas of Haiti and not yours alone.

Sending money home to your loved ones and family to whom you owe an obligation to, is not or does not necessarily constitute so much as Helping Haiti, it means simply you have been helping your family as naturally you should.

If the Haitian diaspora really wanted to make an impact, they would become Haitians lobbyists first by trying to get those corrupted incompetent inadequate fake a$$ politician Senators and Deputies, convincing them with money to cater to the idea. There are times money do really do just simply that, which is TALK. Money talks, Bullshiet walks!

P.S: What you are looking for is people to fully or just agree with your desire to see Dual Citizenship enacted in Haiti.

You are not looking to debate or accept others' views.

What you consider open mind is submission of people catering to your agenda which I am not against since this is in all aspect still a form of motioned petition.

Haitians do not even have the balls to even become lobbyists since they want to emulate other Countries political dynamic and not focusing on the level of where our own politics really is at which is precipitously deteriorating.

Will Rosenberg, July 16 2008, 4:11 PM

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Sure okay, Funny and typically as a Haitian, what you consider to be an open mind is an agreeable mind with your... read more >
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Zarien Krab Spider, 16-Jul-08 5:44 pm
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