Mr Zarien, I am glad to see that you are addressing a topic...

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Mr Zarien, I am glad to see that you are addressing a topic that have been discussed a while ago. Your ideas, although not new, are right on the money.

We are not going to get anything done in Haiti, until we put pressure on the government.

Unfortunately, like you mention, that pressure has to come from the United States and from our withholding the billions of dollars we send to Haiti every year.
There is however a bigger subject you failed to mention, Mr Zarien.

It is the legitimacy of the haitian government.

I understood long ago that our government doesn't work for us. It has been installed with the help and approval of foreign governments and doesn't feel it owes the nation anything.

When is the last time any of our concerns have been addressed by the government?

Insecurity, job creation, environment, dual citizenship, infrastructure, electricity, tourism, you can name a thousand legitimate concerns of the haitian people and you will see that the government's response has been absolutely nothing.

Of course, they will talk about it but they won't do anything.

Let's take the easiest of these issues: dual citizenship.

If the government was sincere about getting the country out of the mess it is, it would try to get the diaspora involved as soon as possible in the country.

It is possible to deal with the parliament and pass such a law in a matter of months.What do we see?

Endless talk with no progress whatsoever.

I predict that President Preval will leave power and we will not have such a law.
Let's take insecurity.

Haiti is a very small country of about ten thousand square miles.More than one fourth of the population is concentrated in Port-au-prince, an area of only a few square miles.

Route Nationale #1 and #2 are the two main access in and out of Port-au-prince.Delmas and Canape Vert are secondary access roads.

A couple of police road blocks along these streets will control everything that comes and goes in the capital.The government professes its incapacity to even accomplish this. Criminals are caught and released very quickly.

Mr Zarien, until you see that the haitian government is the cause of all our problems, all your suggestions will not change anything.

Until the haitian people understands that their governemnt colludes with foreign masters to keep them in poverty and despair, nothing will change in Haiti.Then and only then, the people of Haiti should keep getting rid of their governemnt until they find one that really works for them.
God bless!

Max Johnson Fgb, July 16 2008, 9:29 AM

Topic: Let's talk about Double Nationalite

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Mr Zarien, I am glad to see that you are addressing a topic that have been discussed a while ago. Your ideas, although... read more >
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