Rosenberg, I, in any way shape or form want anyone to "submit...

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Rosenberg, I, in any way shape or form want anyone to "submit to my idea. Because I ask someone to come to the table with an open mind does not support your accusation against me. I respect your opinion.

However, we mus agree to disagree.

you talking about the diaspora not doing enough, and what ever they do doesn't count since that is their obligation.

Please read this:
A-Haitians living abroad sent more than $1.65 billion to their homeland in 2006, according to estimates released here today by the Inter-American Development Bank's Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF).

These remittances sent by members of the 1.5 million-strong Haitian diaspora represent the equivalent of more than one-third of Haiti's gross national product.

Around $1.17 billion of the total was sent from the United States, which has large Haitian communities in Miami, Boston and New York.

B-The International Monetary Fund pegged the world's money transfer business at $230 billion in 2005.
That year alone Haitian nations living abroad sent back $2 billion to family and friends.
Many children in Haiti go to school thanks to a relative in Haiti, If it was not for the diaspora, life in Haiti would be much arder!
Therefore, do not undereswtimate the efforts of the had working men and women who want nothing more than the right to be haitien 100%!

Mr Rosenberg, I do agree with you that dual citizenship is not needed to help the country.

That is what the illegal immigrants, the naturalized citizen, and the green card holder have been doing for many years and will continue to do for years to come

Zarien Krab Spider, July 16 2008, 5:44 PM

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Max Johnson Fgb, 16-Jul-08 9:29 am
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Robertson, 16-Jul-08 9:58 am
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Zarien Krab Spider, 16-Jul-08 3:41 pm
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Will Rosenberg, 16-Jul-08 4:11 pm
Rosenberg, I, in any way shape or form want anyone to "submit to my idea. Because I ask someone to come to the table... read more >
Zarien Krab Spider, 16-Jul-08 5:44 pm
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