Linda, this is a topic that needs a lot of attention. To...

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Linda, this is a topic that needs a lot of attention.

To convince the Government and our legislators about double nationality we must take a few steps to make our case. I think the first step is for the Diaspora to be organized and united on this issue.

As you may remember the Haitian Diaspora organized itself on numerous occasions and achieved great result.

Different organizations within the community should form a committee to gather data to make the case directly to the parliament.

These data must include the financially strength of the Diaspora and its importance in the financial life of the country.

This committee also can also play politic: there are a lot Haitian Americans eligible to vote in America; let the committee mentioned above persuade the congressmen of the states with a large Haitian voter to put pressure on the Haitian Government to "include" granting dual citizenship to eligible people.

Of course the Government will listen to them more than us for the simple reason that our government do things much faster when it receives "order from their " donors".

The last step will be for the Diaspora to stop the flow of money sent to Haiti.

We know how harsh that is for our family who depend on us, but that is one of the most effective approach we can take to accomplish this goal.
I may be wrong, but That is what i think we can do to obtain dual citizenship

Zarien Krab Spider, July 16 2008, 1:06 AM

Topic: Let's talk about Double Nationalite

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Linda, 15-Jul-08 6:24 pm
Linda, this is a topic that needs a lot of attention. To convince the Government and our legislators about double... read more >
Zarien Krab Spider, 16-Jul-08 1:06 am
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Max Johnson Fgb, 16-Jul-08 9:29 am
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Zarien Krab Spider, 16-Jul-08 5:44 pm
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