The Duvaliers were wrong

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This is wrong.

The Duvaliers have to be blamed for what they have done during mostly 30 years.

Dr François Duvalier has been a huge deception.

As a Medical Doctor and intellectual (contribution the indigenist movement and the Griots newspaper), He had no real plan to develop the country, create jobs and build the infrastructures we needed so much.

He hated everybody: intellectuals, mulatos, students, journalists etc. He used Fort Dimanche to eliminate all his political opponents.

He enslaved the Haitian Army. He put brother against sister, mother against father, neighbor against neighbor.

Everybody was spying on everybody.

He created a repressive force: "the tonton macoutes" to terrorize people with stealing, raping and killing.

Don't you remember Elois Maitre, Saint Ange Bontemps, Luckner Cambronne, Estinval, Zacharie Delva, Edner Day, Ti Bobo.

He changed the Constitution to proclaim himself President for life while he was having a 4-year term. He didn't believe in democracy: he disbanded the Senate and only had submissive Lower House representatives.

Don't you remember Victor Nevers Constant, Rony Gilot, Jaurès Levêque & CO. Fraudulent elections were the rules.

There were no right for free speech and peaceful gatherings.

Every opponent was a communist.

The last drop: the dying tyran appointed his 19-year old son as the next dictator.

As a young guy, there was hope he could change the country but he did worse.

Remember if the Duvaliers acted as normal leaders, Haiti will be far away today.

We are just paying for what they have done to the country.

Please do not try to forget.

If you forget the past you might have to live it again.

Trebu Patriote, August 4 2009, 1:11 PM

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