When was it doneBaby Pilon.

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Oh my God, You who are in Heaven say something about the Biggest lie ever against our former President, Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide.Dear Mr President, Rene Garcia Preval if you are really the Chief Executive of my Country, Haiti.

I ask you one of the biggest faveur ever asked since you have been elected President in 2006.Please, bring Mr jean Bertrand Aristide back to his homeland to face charges against this manipulated propaganda that have set to delude our nation.Isn't a good reason to pursue Mme Annette Auguste and others as they are still living in theirs Country.And, as I said before, after all these procedures I will love to see Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide be chosen as Prime Minister in the next elected Government.

These lies are too many to count and we can't deny worse than that to a future Prime Minister, like him.Please, Mr President, Chief Executive of Haiti.

Ronald Guillaume, May 8 2008, 5:00 AM

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