For Men who hate Women Like to Attack Women

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Shame on all of you men who are monsters.

It was not easy getting you here. This is one gift you can NEVER REPAY THE WOMEN WHO CHOSE TO GIVE LIFE TO YOU instead of aborting some of you monsters like you deserve.

For the men who like to physically attack women when they are pregnant (yes some men do) may you burn in hell for eternity.

Our genitals get destroyed in the process just to give birth to some of you INGRATES.

You better remember that woman who gave birth to you this Sunday
Superhuman - Birth


Lionne, May 5 2008, 6:50 PM

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You're rude enough to expose such a video in the faces of the World.Please,have a little respect for Women like... read more >
Ronald Guillaume, 8-May-08 4:08 am


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