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HAITI PROJECT CODE: 2020-A Revolution For Change. | President Rene Preval Archives

HAITI PROJECT CODE: 2020-A Revolution For Change.

Wilgeens.rosenberg - April 17 2008, 2:07 PM

Check this link out in case you want to see what I am talking about

I feel good about the prospect of the future for both nations because they will soon have to reach a common understanding.

I hope for such reconciliation to be more positive than negative in the future to let us stop the blaming game.

We all know in light of any economical challenges any country may face, social differences and challenges arise in effort to shift blames which is understandably no more than what it is referred to as a basic human reaction emotion called PANIC.

"The Dominican Republic and Haiti share the island of Hispaniola and are broadly similar in terms of geography and historical institutions, yet their growth performance has diverged remarkably.

The countries had the same per capita real GDP in 1960 but, by 2005, the Dominican Republic's per capita real GDP had tripled whereas that of Haiti had halved."

I just wish as a both Dominican-Haitian individual that I am I could be proud to say one day that both of my people and what I am are the best of worlds one can ever wish to be a part of.

In retrospect to the lack of respect that many may have toward creole (Kreyol), I have this to say: When and where else, but in Haiti, in the history of any civilizations in this known World has it taken a civilization less than 100 years to invent and finest a language; much more or less to have had any expectations that this new language would have come from an only third generation group of slaves?

Now tell me if that is not uniquely phenomenal.

Know this that this is something exceptionally remarkable and for Haitians and blacks all over the world to be proud of and walk with their heads up high. Yet, if Haiti was was able to accomplish that; surely Haiti can overcome any traverses present now in the Country.

That I strongly believe!!!

Like it, accept and deny it or not, as I have once said before, without any doubts that perhaps there would have been a different kind of Dominican Republic, if at all, and indeed a different kind of USA to include Louisiana, Georgia and Chicago as well as would it be so for Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador and many more other Latin-American Countries had there not ever been a Haiti and it is quite understandable if anyone would fear this.

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