Re: Haiti's Former Presidents' Return

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I swear and I will not leave any former Haitian presidents die in exile.

As I said in my previous postings the former Haitian presidents were victims of the Mulattos' Doublure Administration established by former President Petion, the mulatto's murderer of Dessalines surnamed the Tiger.

We must allow unconditional return of all former Haitian presidents to show the world that we opt for democracy.

All former U.S. presidents are in the U.S. and none of them is in exile, and why all former Haitian presidents should leave in exile?

We must protect their rights and guarantee their security for a safe return.

We must create a council of all former Haitian presidents to help us watch over all Haitian institutions, for they will be no other victims of the mulattos' doublure administration.

They must return to their country and we should use their skills to restore and implement the rule of law in Haiti.

The Haitian diaspora must return to invest in the country along with the former presidents.

2010 should be the time of unity and reconciliation of all Haitians.

All those former first ladies and presidents should return to Haiti, for they were not and are not responsible for Haitian's misery and sufferings as well. The mulattos' doublure administration as implemented by Petion since 1807 is responsible for corruption and pillage within Haiti's public institutions.

The new presidents should terminate employments of all employees within all Haiti's public institutions for the social reform to take place.

We need the help of the former first ladies and presidents in this particular area, for they were the victims of that corrupted administration of doublure.

All the executive levels of all Haitian public institutions are held by mulattos and the latter are responsible for corruption in Haiti and who paid the price, the dark skinned people who are holding lower positions within those institutions.

I know that they are looking to kill me for denouncing them like they used to do under Duvalier's former administration.

This time nothing can block this social reform and we will overcome.

It is a shame for the former first ladies and presidents as well the exiled Haitians to let those people tarnish the country's reputation as well. This time "Bel Moune ap mele ak Moune Fou for real like Nancy Rock overstated it in her last dialog on the air. To conclude, I opt for the unconditional return of all former presidents and first ladies as well as all exiled Haitians for the reconstruction plan of Haiti.

Dr. Jean Claude Duvalier, Henry Nanphy, Prosper Avril, Raoul Cedras, Ertha Trouillot, Michelle Bennet and Dr. Jean B. Aristide must return to Haiti to help with their skills and ideas by ending the doublure administration for the prosperity of Haiti and for all...

Mathieu Derisse, January 8 2010, 10:50 PM

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