We need a new plan to change the situation

William Evens Josma - April 11 2008, 10:01 AM

Wow I am living the the US but my heart is in Haiti.

I suffere when my people are suffering, I have always loved Mr. Preval because he is the most honest president I have ever known, I think Mr. Preval need to also realize that the big companies need to help the government so the government can help the people.

I know some big companies who dont pay Tax or nothing and they give most jobs to people from other contries, why dont we have a systhem where those other nations will have to apply for work permit and pay a fee before they can work in Haiti.

I have been working as a lawenforcement Officer in the US for the pass 6 years, If I could do anything right now I would go back home and help, I love my coutry and I think We (Haitians)need to think about a systhem and have a plan to help out country.

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Hey Brother, I believe you have the power to help...

Just have hope, and I will not let you die overseas...

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