HoIa Djakut! En garde The lions are out!

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I have sent e-mails personally to all the Haitian clubs I have listed to request their assistance for the Haitian kids for Christmas.

Some have replied that they will relay the information at their next meeting.Its up to them to follow through.

They have access to Haitian companies in their area that can transport cargo to Haiti.But " Monclair" The University of New Jersey I think did not send me an e-mail yet. If everyone write to them maybe they will take action soon. Ps: You can start an interesting topic if you wish people to converse with you. The wolves, foxes, and lions do come out when you write something controversial.

I go " En garde" and draw a little blood I hope by slashing to all those lies.They would love to discredit what I said but I tell the truth according to what was written in history.

Bye for now.

Flo, November 2 2007, 2:02 AM


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Flo, 31-Oct-07 4:14 am
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Ti Malice, 1-Nov-07 3:47 am
Hi, Flo since you mentionned Universities that have Haitian students cultural clubs in your post, i can e-mail to you... read more >
Djakut, 1-Nov-07 10:45 pm
I have sent e-mails personally to all the Haitian clubs I have listed to request their assistance for the Haitian kids... read more >
Flo, 2-Nov-07 2:02 am
Hola you them right Babe, i'm out. First of all thanks for replying. The name Flo reminds me of my former girlfriend... read more >
Djakut, 3-Nov-07 6:48 pm


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