Hi, certainly good job with the compilation. I read the whole...

Rubens Titus - October 31 2007, 11:42 PM

Hi, certainly good job with the compilation.

I read the whole thing.

I believe you are a good person.

I am not opposing charitable contributions since I give as much as I can give to Flag Day Association of Students, Breast & Prostate Cancer Research, Le Lambi Fund of Haiti, the SEBEL foundation of Leogane ( 200 + kids cared for), SELA of Bklyn NY and more....

However, the main plan for Haiti's reconstruction can not be based on charity.

Charity should only be perceived as start-up capital and/or additional resources.

If the patriotic Haitian students wanna help, they'll help open up research libraries in Haiti under private managements.

If they really wanna help the orphans of today, they will try to prevent the orphans of tomorrow by distributing condoms to impoverished Haitians who are still having kids in the 50's and 60's.

I askesd the founder of SEBEL when are your kids gonna become productive Haitians.

Well, bla bla bla. If there is no production then there will be no construction.

People seem to have this general idea that the Haitian diaspora is sitting on a load of cash and just waiting to donate that money away into charity.

No, no no no.
People want to invest in Haiti therefore helping most Haitians become selfsufficient in providing for their own kids.
Thank you

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