Beloved Haiti 1 in the Carribean about 17 years A

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GSPARE = Government Spending Policies for Anticipated Return Economics

1. Reduce social expenditures while increasing capital expenditures
2. Most Haiti's necessities should become national projects.

e.g. Lack of General Hospitals - project to build nationally 9 regional general hospitals
3. All projects must be analyzed for its benefits through engineering economics
4. List projects according to their attributes and benefits.

(job creation, capital recovery, health benefits, good will ect....)
5. Pick project with greatest benefits.

e.g. shortest capital recovery or number of jobs created.

6. Project one's returns will fund and add values to project two and vice versa, project two's returns will fund and add values to project three and so forth.

Well, in about a decade Haiti will need to borrow less and less money for its survival.

I will follow with an expose on how the general population can be a part of GSPARE.


Rubens Titus, November 1 2007, 8:59 PM

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