Greetings! One must not compare religion to Christianity...

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One must not compare religion to Christianity.

Christianity is derived from the name of Christ, which means: the SAVIOR or MESSIAH, who was promised by God to the JEWS of the old testament as the redeemer of their sins. Furthermore, it can be also defined as a group of christian believers who adhere to the christianism.

Whereas, the religion is the spiritual or emotional attitude of one who recognizes the existence of a super human power or powers.

In fact, the interpretation of the word "religion" can be endless, and is so diverse, I rather live it up to those, like the Scribes in the bible, to discuss and write books about its rhetoric for the readers who don't know still, spiritually speaking, their origins or who refuse of admitting the fact that they are created and come from God. Those who continue searching for their salvation from the religion which is an emblem of deception.

Jesus-Christ, the Messiah, was deceived by the high priests who hold the torches of religion.

Blinded by the secular dogmatism of religion, they denied His Holiness, as supreme chief of them all. If religion has then anything to do with christianity, those high priests would have recognized Him as their master and to Whom they should have been surrendered.

Jesus, at that time, instead of being considered as the rock of their salvation, was declared an impostor, a subject of scandal to their religion.

That's why they were giving themselves no rest until they got rid of Him by any means.

The teaching of their religion was opposed to the teaching of Christianity.

According to their doctrine, it is said "an eye for an eye" but the christianity had reversed that rule by love those who persecute you; which was an scandal to their religion.

In fact, Jesus was a controversial figure to most of His contemporary comrades, who finally slaughtered Him, Just because He was criticizing their religion and called upon their good sens to change their credo, because He said to them "I am the way and the life, no one will come to the father but by me".

In response they said "He is a subject of blasphemy to our religion".

I hope that you understand my point, and I must conclude that if the voodoo is a religion of the lost souls, Christianity is for the christians a source of everlasting life. If any one wants to know where he comes from, and where is going, only the Christianity can answer that question, because the ethic of its ideology is based on the theological principals, but as for the voodoo, etimologically speaking, the root of its word comes from satanic spirit.

So if you want to call it a religion, it fits well in that vocabulary expression.

So long!

Mardochard louis

Mardochard Louis, October 12 2007, 10:24 PM

Topic: Exposé on Christianity!

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