Dear Unknown, In your endeavor to explain with great precision...

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Dear Unknown,

In your endeavor to explain with great precision your expose on the "original sin" has drawn my attention, and I can see that how careful you are indeed on pin pointing out all the detail explanations regarding this hot topic.

First of all, I sincerely would want to congratulate you for doing such a good job in bringing to the knowledge of the public at large some of the facts about God's nature, as well as His only begotten son, Jesus-Christ, the Messiah, but also most importantly the wages of sin. If I would have to grade an expose of this genre, on the merit of accuracy of its factual detail presentations, then I should certainly have grant you a B+, not an A. Because I noticed that you have unwillingly left under the shadow some crucial information which had clouded indeed the salutary message you have truly intended to convey to the understanding of your readers.

You have mentioned that apostle Paul have not seen Jesus, this statement is not completely accurate.

For instance, in the same context of this discussion, as human beings, we are living in three dimensional world " MIND, SOUL and BODY' we can not see our mind, soul but the body, although we are constantly in touch with them, but it is difficult to see and touch them. What I meant to say, unlike your statement, Paul had indeed seen Jesus on the road of Damascus, He appeared to him in a ray of radiant light which blinded him for three consecutive days ( Acts 9:1-9).

So, not only he had hared and seen the spiritual manifestation of Jesus that day, but also his companions.

when you finish reading these verses, you'll understand not only Jesus gloriously appeared to him but also Jesus identified Himself to Paul. This is an irrefutable evidence of our discussion.

the second point I want to bring to your attention is nothing but the assumption you had made about the invalidity of the hereditary effect of the "ORIGINAL SIN' on others.

By contrast, king David, the psalmist, had made this confession in Psalms 51:7 " I was born in the iniquity, and my mother had birthed me in the sin." This is an evidence of a very striking revelation that we are the heirs of Adam' original sin, otherwise why God ought to send Jesus to die for our sins. In the old testament, God used to punish the fault of the up to fourth generation, but now since we are living in the messianic era, He amended the law through the new alliance in Jesus-Christ, who took our iniquities on the cross.

The curse of the original sin is not perpetuated after the death of Jesus-Christ who redeemed us from that curse by the purification of His blood shed on the Cross for the humanity.

But He doesnt want us to take His divine sacrifice for granted, that's why He set forth the conditions required to be participant of the Kingdom of God. Very well said my unknown friend.

May God bless you all!

Mardochard louis

Mardochard Louis, October 13 2007, 1:52 PM

Topic: Exposé on Christianity!

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