I have my laptop with me and I got your message brother Gerard...

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I have my laptop with me and I got your message brother Gerard by checking my e-mail but I am off the blog for a while ----busy! I can tell you this my " Exposé" was mainly a response to your idea of sin and salvation.

I wanted to point out "how" Christianity started, and how the concept of sin was started by "European" men who even insinuated that "sin" was "the act of procreation itself" True I quoted the old testament to make my point, for I read about the "Axial age" the "history of god" and the "history of religion" perhaps when I come back I SHOULD elaborate further.

I am not DISPUTING "GOD" THE UNIVERSAL DIVINE ENERGY nor THE GOOD WORKS OF JESUS, regardless of WHO or WHAT he was and WHO sent him. I do recall reading that he said "God, God, why did you abandoned me! perhaps he was not aware of this "sacrifice" he was reported as making when he was on the cross.

I wanted you to be more flexible and see things from a different perspective.

There were good works done by Gautama Bhudda, Abraham, Mohamed also etc. etc. Yet all those religions have their flaws.

You cannot be too "RIGID" in your belief system and ignore the fact that white men have a tendency to shove their belief system and their rituals down our throats.

Voudou needs to be reform, and perhaps Aristide who was well trained in theology missed an opportunity for 'greatness' here by not moving that religion back to its sacred level (someone should contact him in Jamaica and tell him.) I can only assume that Voudou used to be sacred.

Christianity underwent a change during 2thousand years, the protestants had a 30 or 33 year war with the catholics in their attempt to reform Christianity.

I wrote "NO BOOK", I certainly did not "make up" the information.

This exposé is a good conversation topic don't you think?

for my staunchest critics, know that most literary reports are based on the previous work of others, unless the individual decide to write a book.! Education is a JOURNEY, I am learning from you by analyzing your words and your intent as you are learning from me I hope also. Adieu for a little while! This my very last message.

Flo, October 12 2007, 6:29 PM

Topic: Exposé on Christianity!

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I have my laptop with me and I got your message brother Gerard by checking my e-mail but I am off the blog for a while... read more >
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