The Haitian Bourgeoisie should not be our present concern. I...

Marjorie Middy - January 30 2011, 11:36 PM

The Haitian Bourgeoisie should not be our present concern.

I believe that able and capable Haitians should develop an organization of some sort to represent the Haitian masses socially, economically and politically.

This organization is beyond the scope of just an internet site but a beginning of it could be possible here.
Remember this saying: "Don't let anybody rent space from your mind".

We have to learn to ignore the Haitian "Bourgeoisie" for now, while we organize ourselves and the people that we want to serve.

We may have different views on language.

Most third world country do have an indigenous language that is being spoken by 100% of the population i.e. Martinique, guadeloupe, Dominica, to name a few; they also have an official language spoken by a lesser percentage of the population.

Yes, I believe French is the official language of Haiti and Haitian is our language.

Both languages should be treated on the same level.

We do not have to be French to speak French.

Like Americans don't have to be British to speak English.

New generations can LEARN to speak French.

French does not have to be the language of the Bourgeois.

If young Haitians will be inspired to be Middle class, then they must think that they are on their way to be, and they must think like one. Bourgeoisie should not have a monopoly on Haiti's official language.

This is just my humble opinion on this subject.

Bourgeoisie in any country usually does not like to pay dues. They essentially have to be forced to either nicely with incentives and rewards or at gun point.

The latter is usually short lived.

Yes, liberating the masses is possible, but it will not be fast. It will be a gradual steadily ongoing period of time. It will be a work in process for a long time.
It will require nerves of steel in not wanting to crack skulls for this cause.

With proper learning and behavior learning, it is possible.

Will Haitians will ever be liberated?

I think so. The key word is EDUCATION.

We may have to lose a generation in transit because we have to find a solution for the housing, health care, and food crisis -- those basic care needs, before we can think of sustainable education.

In any events, An Organization is needed in government to persuade the Bourgeoisie that they have to give back to Haiti a bigger slice of the pie.
That same organization should also have partnership with the social NGO's as they are the one taking care Haitians at this present,
This is just not all inclusive, but would make for a good start.


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