Marjorie, French language is a curse for Haitians, just like...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 31 2011, 6:54 AM

French language is a curse for Haitians, just like for some countries in Africa.

Africa countries like Burkina Faso and others are investing hard in english language hoping in time they can get away with the french system.

Just take a look, all french colonies are not well develop, they are just were they left them.
Every British colonies are mostly well so and so on everything starting with skills or trades.

We concern ourselves too much with languages, Haitians are in heat with the french language and they don't even know french language is dying faster than Haiti, so fast The french government giving tonne of money to Burkina faso to celebrate every year. ( organization of french speaking africa).

Are we, Haitians a bunch of idiots?

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