According to: Tulumen When did the Trouillot family emigrate...

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According to: Tulumen

When did the Trouillot family emigrate to Haiti and how did they change their name from Trujillo to Trouillot?

Petion and Boyer were born and raised in France before they migrated to Hispaniola to manage their fathers' wealth.

Cedras and Sudre are from the Dominican Republic.

Visit the Dominican Republic and you will hear what their families have to tell you. Pierre Duvalier, the brother of Jean-Claude Duvalier still lives in Ste-Lucie and he will tell you how his family got access to power in Haiti

Lakou Lakay says,
The above anecdotes are based on emotion, fantasy rather than facts.

Ertha Trujillo was born in Haiti.

This fact was corroborate by several reliable sources not by hearsay.

For Petion and Boyer
Fact: Their mother were black
During the 1700's Black women could not take the boat to go to France before delivery so their offspring could become French citizens.

You get thing mixed up with current practice in the USA by Haitian women or women from other country.

This is an anachronism.Wake up.You fabricated stories to suit your fancy.

If you sincerely believe in what you said that mean you are not a Toulumen; your lighting output power is about 2 lux or lumens or 2 foot candle.

Philippe Guerrier and Jean Jacques probably were born in Africa but most historians claims they were born in Haiti.

Francois Duvalier, Jean Claude Duvalier, Stenio Vincent, Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave, Raoul Cedras, Henry Namphy all were born in Haiti.

Those are well documented facts not hearsay of fantasy
You might energize your lumens by drinking more V-8,eat well, sleep well and watch less soap operas.

Lakou Lakay, July 25 2010, 10:51 PM

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According to: Tulumen When did the Trouillot family emigrate to Haiti and how did they change their name from Trujillo... read more >
Lakou Lakay, 25-Jul-10 10:51 pm


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