M.P.S.S PRESS CONFERENCE M.P.S.S, which is an organization of Cite Soleil

Mpss - July 25 2010, 12:02 PM



M.P.S.S, which is an organization originating from the people of Cité Soleil, presents its greetings to the media of all kinds, radio, television and print that have found it necessary to attend this press conference this morning.

Today, our message is simple: the people in general are tired, tired of their misery, tired of their constant state of hunger, tired of their joblessness.

The lack of transparence on the part of Préval has too gravely affected the people.

To that end, M.P.S.S. is taking a stand to add its voice in support of the mobilization that is presently going on in the entire country, whose objective is to cause Préval to resign from his position of power, by all means necessary.

Préval is totally blind and insensitive to the problems and plight of the population.

He refuses to pay attention and has furthermore boycotted the demands of any and all organized sectors.

Concerning the elections scheduled for November 28, 2010, the corrupted government has already published officially, what we would appropriately call an electoral "seismic" agenda with a fraudulent Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), made up of 9 "Judas Iscariot" members, whose objectives are to betray, with a "kiss", the dreams of the people by selecting, not electing, the 99 congressmen and 10 senators, all yes men and women, as well as a figurehead President, all from the Préval political Party code name Unité.

In the days ahead, the fight strategy is going to change.

Many cells are going to sprout in order to take part in this mobilization against Préval and the CEP. We have now come together in order to tell Préval, as we say in Creole, that behind MORN (mountain) he will find more MORN and furthermore, we will not fight without MORN. All of the provinces and all over the capital as well as in the MORNs, we will not participate in any elections organized by this CEP.

President Préval has decided to block all assistance that has been targeted at the victims of the earthquake.

Plenty of food that has been donated by the international community has been stockpiled in the warehouses of his cohorts in order to eventually be utilized in the upcoming political campaigns.

Much funding that has been collected for the victims of the earthquake has also remained hidden and unused in order to be utilized in the upcoming political campaigns of his handpicked candidates, so that he can always be in control of the government power establishment.

M.P.S.S., using the Creole expression, wants to remind Mr. Préval that someone may tend to forget being beaten, however the scars from such beating will prevent him from actually forgetting.

President Préval has shamefully stood as an obstacle to increase the minimum wage, has plotted in order to facilitate the telephone cost per minute to be raised up to 7 Haitian gourdes, and finally has pushed very hard for the passing of the law of emergency, that does nothing more than sell the country out. All of these things define Préval as an ill-fated and useless leader, a real cancer preventing the reconstruction of Haiti.

In conclusion, we are inviting all citizens, all the strong determined women, all of the men with courage, all of the responsible militants to join us in solidarity and support for several planned events:

On Thursday 29th of July 2010 at 10 am, in front of the CEP's offices, the CEP controlled by Préval and Gayo Dorsinvil, in order to take part in a sit-in.

On Monday, August 9th, 2010 we will be handing over a signed petition to the embassies of the United States, Canada and France, asking them to no longer support Préval in his dishonest activities and demand his resignation.

On Tuesday August 17th, at 10am we will organize a major march, which will start from Cité Soleil and end up in front of the Presidential Palace, in order to force Préval to resign.


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