Haitian Bourgeoisies Are Overdue For Economic Exile It is time...

Jean-marie - July 10 2010, 8:51 PM

Haitian Bourgeoisies Are Overdue For Economic Exile
It is time for all former political leaders such as Aristide, Jean-Claude Duvalier, Raoul Cedras, Achille, Merceron, Ertha Trouillot, Avril, Namphy and others to return to Haiti, for Haiti's economic elites are overdue for economic exile through a social revolution to liberate Haiti.

Haiti has no political leadership problems, but economic leadership problems.

Under a rapacious bourgeoisie, Haiti cannot develop anymore.

I am asking all former political leaders in exile to join my cause to end their exile and send those rapacious bourgeois in exile.

The cause is real and we all should kick them out of Haiti like Castro did with those crook rich Cubans in Miami.

The latter could not develop Cuba, but under strong rules and regulations they developed southern Florida for the U.S. We should send those Haitian crooks either in Canada or in the United States for their exile.

We will kick them out soon and it is a matter of time. Wait and you will see what's coming next! They will be surprised, for my group has no other choice than an economic exile for them...

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Hello Mr. Mohan Rajan My name is Keisuke Shimoyamada...


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