Your business sounds like it could be doing some really...

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Your business sounds like it could be doing some really beneficial things in Haiti.

What is the business called?

Where are you based?

What are you doing with the collected plastic?

Do you actually recycle the plastic or send it to the US like everyone else?

I am a social entrepreneur currently partnered in Haiti with three NGOs and local organizations.

We also run a compound in Croix-des-Bouquets where international volunteers stay. We collect a lot of plastic from their drinks, etc and are looking for a recycling plant to take the plastic too.

I would be very interested in speaking with you more about this seemingly good idea.

Kristopher Young, June 23 2010, 10:26 AM

Topic: recycling plastic bottles in Haiti

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T Laguerre, 19-Apr-10 7:27 pm
Hi! I have a company in haiti That will start the recycling program in Haiti I been starting 7 month now I have over... read more >
Julio Rivera, 13-May-10 10:11 am
Your business sounds like it could be doing some really beneficial things in Haiti. What is the business called? Where... read more >
Kristopher Young, 23-Jun-10 10:26 am
Dear Sir, I am a small businessman based at Belgaum - India, engaged in the General Trade. I am keen on establishing a... read more >
Mohan Rajan, 28-Jun-10 11:52 pm
Hello Mr. Mohan Rajan My name is Keisuke Shimoyamada. I am interested in your business plan since my specialized field... read more >
Keisuke Shimoyamada, 10-Jul-10 4:40 pm
Do you recycle capot or condom also? read more >
Cheval Blanc, 10-Jul-10 6:09 pm
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Jean-marie, 10-Jul-10 8:51 pm
Mr Rajan, I represent a Private Foundation in Haiti, very serious who has been on sight for more than 20 years. We are... read more >
Aurelie, 15-Jul-10 4:48 am
Dear Sir / Madam, I could co operate with your company for the plastics that you wish to offer. Kindly advise if the... read more >
Mohan Rajan, 18-Jul-10 8:59 am
I've recently returned from a trip to Haiti and witnessed the plastic bottle problem first hand. It is truly appalling... read more >
Ann Baker, 24-Jul-10 11:02 am
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