recycling plastic bottles in Haiti

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I'm researching the possibility of getting a recycling company in Haiti.

I would like to know what the road blocks are in Haiti.

I just returned from a week in Haiti, and the road block are all over the place.

I would like a direct contact to someone in Haiti that would deal with this subject matter.

concerned Haitian American

Dr Amedee-benjamin, March 10 2010, 2:17 PM

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My partner and I have been in Haiti for three months and have been doing research into a recycling facility in PaP. We... read more >
Brian Steidle, 19-Apr-10 3:57 pm
Plastic bottles are everywhere. I always thought that someone could carve out a business out of recycling plastic... read more >
T Laguerre, 19-Apr-10 7:27 pm
Hi! I have a company in haiti That will start the recycling program in Haiti I been starting 7 month now I have over... read more >
Julio Rivera, 13-May-10 10:11 am
Your business sounds like it could be doing some really beneficial things in Haiti. What is the business called? Where... read more >
Kristopher Young, 23-Jun-10 10:26 am
Dear Sir, I am a small businessman based at Belgaum - India, engaged in the General Trade. I am keen on establishing a... read more >
Mohan Rajan, 28-Jun-10 11:52 pm
Hello Mr. Mohan Rajan My name is Keisuke Shimoyamada. I am interested in your business plan since my specialized field... read more >
Keisuke Shimoyamada, 10-Jul-10 4:40 pm
Do you recycle capot or condom also? read more >
Cheval Blanc, 10-Jul-10 6:09 pm
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Jean-marie, 10-Jul-10 8:51 pm
Mr Rajan, I represent a Private Foundation in Haiti, very serious who has been on sight for more than 20 years. We are... read more >
Aurelie, 15-Jul-10 4:48 am
Dear Sir / Madam, I could co operate with your company for the plastics that you wish to offer. Kindly advise if the... read more >
Mohan Rajan, 18-Jul-10 8:59 am
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