We got to move on with the mechanism of this revolution cause...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 11 2011, 10:34 AM

We got to move on with the mechanism of this revolution cause observing that too; many people are afraid it seems it is going to work. Noone ever said anything to Martelly one year ago, now He is President everyone has something to say.

Many Haitians really understand the game, when, who, where, what, why, and how to play it to defeat this gigantuart maniac international mafia with the few of the elites not to say ; in every class there is some honest person.

Let go with the revolution but peacefully never never with violence.

Again and again! we are the problem as seen it is a doggy game. I promise to all my bloggers never to reply with emotion no nasty words from my mouth supposed to be an example for the darkness.

The Haitian people make their choice we must respect that point and simple.

Vox Dei vox populi teach them a lesson that failed to learn fo fifty years.

Who is fake?

A Pastor that is asking for equal, social, and economic justice?

or the Pastor that burn a Quoran Bible?

Let be fair if you dare answer this question?

This is the message to the world that manipulate my brothers and sisters around the world; get ready justice is coming you don't have to be afraid as long as you are not against the revolution.

You have failed for fifty years; give the new President a chance for his five years and the next five years.

The only job I need is to be able to speak for my people in a humanistic way.That is the only way a failed leader reacted by dirty talk, walk, and clacking.

What do you want?

Tell the bloggers in details what are your need?

That is the reason Haiti has been a failure with you all. Be specific! Be specific, and be specific! I am on your side get on board!

God sent his messenger to preach a peaceful revolution to all with love.

Angry or not let move on we are not looking back! Long live the Haitian People.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Response to:

CIA fake pastor,Doctor en deception et pederasse...


Bellerive to Keep his Job with Martelly!

Please tell me it ain't so! I have been going to the bathroom every 2 minutes because since I heard about this...

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