I agree with you Linda because in politics one needs to...

Toulimen Legrand - April 9 2011, 11:26 PM

I agree with you Linda because in politics one needs to compromise sometimes with the lesser between the two evils.

My experiences in the United States make me understand several things and politics is a very complicated matter.

It takes time to decipher any politician's message.

Martelly needs to consider that he has no enemy if he is aimed to restore the rule of law in Haiti.

He needs to set up the Haitian cultural boundaries and let anyone knows about the priorities of the Haitian people.

We have a culture to defend and Haiti will never be a U.S. territory.

We are an independent country and the United States needs to understand that. The CIA base in Avenue N must be shut down and many CIA agents must leave Haiti as soon as possible.

The United States should appoint people to work within its embassy's territory and not through the whole Haiti.

He needs to have a complete report about all embassies' personels appointed in Haiti.

All foreigners in Haiti must be registered into a new registry or faced deportation if they refuse to do so. All NGOs must be registered with the government and the government must tax their revenues too. They must submit their economic development to the government and if they are not aimed in any economic development they should leave the Haitian territory per the government's request.

Haiti must be the priority and concerns of all Haitians.

What do you think Linda?

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