Bellerive to Keep his Job with Martelly!

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Please tell me it ain't so!

I have been going to the bathroom every 2 minutes because since I heard about this potential move by Martelly, I've been having the worst diarrhea and chest pain.

Martelly was preaching for CHANGE throughout his campaign and the people picked him as their president to bring them the change he was talking about.

And he is now about to keep the most incompetent and mediocre prime minister, Bellerive, in his government.

Gade non Marteli, pinga ou fout ranse ak pep la tande!

Keeping Bellerive, who is the most incompetent and mediocre, as prime minister of your government is NOT change but rather the samo, samo crap. Haitians do not want to deal with anyone associated with Preval period.

Look how Bellerive handled the eartquake aftermath, how he treated the people, and how he is handling the reconstruction.

Martelly, haven't you watched the piece on 60 minutes showing how poorly Bellerive is handling the reconstruction materials left on the ports wasting and rotting?

He said that he did not know all this bad management was going on in the ports.

All the materials were being held in the ports that he was supposed to be managing.

Don't you find that to be shameful?

How could he not know tons of building materials were being held in custom by his cronies?

This is to prove how incompetent and mediocre the man is, and you want to keep him as prime minister of your government?

Appointing this man as your prime minister is a sign reflecting of your already incompetence and mediocrity.

If that is a dawn deal, I am already your worst nightmare because this seems to be the same BS only in different day.

Tiba, April 8 2011, 5:24 PM

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Shut up dummy, tioul, restavek macoute,opportunist.Bellerive is qualified for the job. He will prevent multiple... read more >
Aux Calbasses, 8-Apr-11 6:16 pm
You most be a thief like him. Jean Max Bellerive is a thief,a professional thief with style not like Preval. The new... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 8-Apr-11 8:25 pm
Hey aux calbasses, I must say that you deserve your name (calbasse). "Tete calbasse" means your head is full of crap... read more >
Tiba, 8-Apr-11 9:00 pm
Wait a minute Tiba, that's what we can call political family's inner circle within the Haitian presidency. Bellerive... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 8-Apr-11 9:10 pm
Toulimen,please we most reconize if a top official fail,he fail period.We are not talking about earthquakes here,as... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 9-Apr-11 6:01 am
Toulimen, You have made your case very brilliantly, and therefore, I am ready to give Bellerive the benifit of the... read more >
Tiba, 9-Apr-11 7:12 am
Homo Tiba said,"Tete calbasse" means your head is full of crap just like a calbasse, lack of intelligence... read more >
Aux Calbasses, 9-Apr-11 7:50 am
My friend, we must keep up with the fight. Haitian Politics sucks and it takes me a lot of times at night to decipher... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 9-Apr-11 10:08 am
Jean, I don't blame you from talking this way and it is ok. I did not know much about Bellerive until I learned about... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 9-Apr-11 10:32 am
Toulumen, by the way we are about to publish on facebook video of you and Toto Constant leaving the CIA headquarter in... read more >
Angela Brown, 9-Apr-11 10:39 am
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