Dear Lambert P. Calixte, Your idea to propose Jean-Claude...

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Dear Lambert P. Calixte,

Your idea to propose Jean-Claude Duvalier and the others you mentioned in your post to form the next Government of Haiti is no less ridiculous and stupid than those of the Haitian Diaspora in the US who believe that Haiti should consider Bill Clinton to fulfill any political role in Haiti.

In your post, you give us reason to believe that your filthy thoughts are mingled with those in United States who for too long have sent second-hand and used clothing from the United States to Haiti, delivered in large containers; known as "rad pèpè" or "pèpè".

Today, you come here to our blog with the audacity of hope that the Great Haitian People would consider the second-hand "presidents-pèpè" that you propose who are no worse than Bill Clinton in many ways. It is hilarious to realize how much the 0bama effect has corrupted the mind of our Diaspora in the US.

Your proposition gives us reason to place you among those who cannot learn from history and are doomed to repeat it.

Haiti will continue to face her future with her past in mind.

Those who know Haiti better - our true honest friends: the leaders of friend nations who respect us - know us for our resiliency.

You cowards think that you can use this blog to corrupt the mind of our readers with your poisonous ideas.

Haiti is not desperate for leadership or for a president.

WE have options and choices.

WE will continue to face OUR future with OUR past in mind. WE are on the side of God in Him we trust.

Rather, Haitians need deliverance from the tyranny of arrogant oppressive enemy nations and from the ignorance of his sons and daughters who would sell their soul for fame and power - just like you and just like the exiles Cubans in the US who sold themselves like prostitutes in 1961 to the US/CIA and to help the US army attack their native land ( ).

Haiti needs deliverance from the idiocracy of ignorant persons like you who use this blog to test their poisonous ideas.

Jean-Claude Duvalier, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, former Haitian presidents living in exile as well as the members of the Haitian Diaspora "who ren0unced and abjured a11egiance and fide1ity to Haiti" MUST FIRST REDEEM THEMSELVES before returning to civil life in Haiti.

Is that what you intend to say?

The conditions for such redemption are the sole discretion of the Great Haitian People - in HER terms and in HER time.

Shame of all of you (snake traitors) who use this blog to bamboozle the hope of the Great Haitian People, and then come back by the back door to offer themselves are the savior.

Since when Haiti has lost her dignity?

Because tyrants of our times have oppressed our people since the proclamation our Independence does not mean that we have lost our sense of worth.

In facts, it is because cowards just like you are very well aware of our resiliency that you are afraid of us and are frighten by our decision for the next President of our sovereign nation.

Haiti will freely select the leader of his choosing for her next government.

Mr. Lambert P. Calixte, it would be wise to keep your advice where your a11liance and your fed1ity are!

I hope you did not give your real name, otherwise you better find a place to hind yourself because you are forever known as a despicable person who does know what he is talking about.

THIS is the price for ignoring the unique history of our courageous Great Haiti!

THIS is your ransom!

Benoit T. Batraville, March 7 2010, 1:56 PM

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