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Ayisyen le pou yo chanje mantalite yo pou ka genyen yon peyi pa akzamp yon Chef Kannal an Ayiti pap Kanpe nan liy... read more >
Noldi, 29-Apr-09 4:23 pm
Jean-Claude Duvalier peut retourner en Haiti pour aider dans d'autres secteurs de la vie publique en Haiti et non pour... read more >
Jolibois Petithomme, 12-Apr-10 12:48 am
Jean Clasude Duvalier retournera en Haiti pour s'occuperer de l'entertainment avec les Dominicains a Matissant... read more >
Vincent Houdini, 12-Apr-10 2:34 am
I miss so much Duvalier that I could not wait to see the return of his son in Haiti and his gradson to be the new... read more >
Antonioj, 23-Jun-10 4:40 pm
I really miss Mme Max Adolphe and the regime as well. We will be back soon. read more >
Antonioj, 23-Jun-10 4:55 pm
Mne Max Aldolphe Would executed your father,mother and siblings at Ft Dimanche if she had enough time. Becareful about... read more >
Janjan, 23-Jun-10 5:33 pm
You are an impostor my friend I have no lust love for Preval second term. As far as Duvalier is concerned, he's a... read more >
Antonioj, 23-Jun-10 6:18 pm
Qui se ressemble s'assemble. read more >
Ludovic, 27-Jun-10 3:16 pm


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