We have all those political parties because many of our...

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We have all those political parties because many of our political leaders are ignorant.

Aubelin Jolicoeur was the one to blame for this political mess. He was the one that advised the United States to invest in several political parties in Haiti to weaken Haiti's political system.

That stupid was a closed adviser of Jean-Claude Duvalier and Bourik Chaje before the fall of the Duvaliers.

He never suggested to create two or three political parties to advance the Haitian causes.

The United States accepts to finance those stupid parties to create more political mess. Haitians in politics are bad. All those former puppet presidents never tried to solve this political mess and sometimes I am asking myself if those ignorants had learned anything about politics and public administration before they came to power.

Even the incumbent president does not know what to do with those political parties.

If I were in power, on day one, I would dissolve all those political parties and I will send a bill to the Haitian Congress for the Creation of three solid political parties financed by taxpayers and the government as well. I will fire all Haitian CEOs and rehire new qualified and competent managers to do the jobs. I am asking myself same question why do we have all those political parties?

Haitians in Haiti do not imitate good stuffs from other countries, but the greed to enrich themselves that's the only thing that is on their minds.

Shame on all Haitian political leaders!

Mathieu Derisse, February 5 2010, 9:10 PM

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We have all those political parties because many of our political leaders are ignorant. Aubelin Jolicoeur was the one... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 5-Feb-10 9:10 pm
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