Women's Rights and Sufferings in Haiti

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In the new Haiti, I wish that men would respect women and praise them as well. I wish that we would not promote an homosexual world to destroy our culture and values.

I wish that we could promote women and alleviate their misery and sufferings.

After 206 years, it is sad to notice that Haitian women are cooking with charcoal that is very detrimental to their health.

It is sad to notice Haitian women washing clothes with their hands and along with piece of wood around wells or rivers.

Haitian males are very jealous and they keep beating Haitian women whereas they believe that they can have several girlfriends and no one should say nothing.

Haitian males do not create jobs for women just to diminish them. Haitian males use raw insults to tear down women and sometimes they abandon their own children.

What did we do to alleviate women's misery and sufferings in Haiti?

Do we have respect for our mothers?

Why should we treat women that way?

If I were to become a president I would create an "Equal Gender Bill" on day one of my administration and let me phrase it in Creole: "Roch nan dlo tap kon Doule Roch Nan Soley Fwa Sa a Vre." We mistreat women too much in Haiti and we must transform traditional roles of women for an equitable society.

Women should be treated as equals of men. There is no such God in the heaven or under the earth that gives power to males to mistreat women.

Women's conditions are worst in Haiti and we should all be aware of that to change women's conditions in Haiti.

Women's mistreatments are rooted in our churches, public institutions and in our Voodoo temples.

We forgot women's roles all throughout the Haitian history.

We forgot the role of Catherine Flon, Claireheureuse and that Jeanne D'Arc of Haiti (Mrs Lamartiniere Honorat)that dispersed all French soldiers when they were about to invade the Crete a Pierrot to kill Dessalines' soldiers.

The French soldiers were amazed to notice the bravoure of that women possessed by an Ogun Spirit.

We even forgot what Ertha Trouillot did to bring Aristide to power.

I am not advocating that Aristide was good or bad, but I cannot forget what Ertha Trouillot did to save Haiti in 1991. Women in Haiti cannot be treated that way and they need more than those stupid treatments given to them. We cannot get a better society if women are not respected and praised in Haiti.

How many men give birth to children in Haiti and why should we treat our women that way?

Haitian women overseas are disappointed at men in Haiti and in the Haitian Diaspora and they went ahead to marry other men from other cultures.

Could I blame them?

Absolutely not, we must change our machismo mentality to better treat our women.

Mulatto women are the only ones that receive good treatments in Haiti because they enjoy better opportunities with the wealth their husbands have. I realize that poverty plays a great role in mistreatments of women in Haiti.

The new president should build laundromats all over the country and buy new equipments such as gas stove, good irons and any other equipments to alleviate women's sufferings in Haiti.

The new president should create men's reeducation center to teach them about womanhood and manhood as well, for the humanity spirit has been totally lost in Haiti.

The new president should create women's reeducation center to teach women about manhood so we could have a better society.

If any of you wants to be president in the New Haiti, please take note to build a good society project that will embrace the needs of all. For a better Haiti with brothers and sisters, traditional roles of women should be rethought and women should be praised and respected.

Let's be serious about women's treatments so we can transform our stupid society to a better one.

Mathieu Derisse, February 5 2010, 11:31 PM

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