My friend, years ago I thought like Dr. Jean Price Mars that...

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My friend, years ago I thought like Dr. Jean Price Mars that Haiti was a classless or a raceless country, but when surfing deeply through Haitian economic social ills I just changed my mind. Mulattoes in Haiti have a lot to do with Haiti's poverty unless you do not understand poverty causes on the Haitian soil. The Mulattoes' system has been put in place by the French people with the Mulatto Petion who killed Dessalines to find help from the French people which he did not get much, for the Frenchmen during that era did not want people to see their hands tied with the Dessalines' murder.

The Administration of Doublure with all the mulattoes at the executive levels of the Haitian Administration exists to back up the mulattoes' families in Haiti.

Remember, after the independence of Haiti the Blacks did not have anything and Mulattoes had all economic resources of Haiti.

They started to steal and Dessalines had to say this: "Pluck the chicken and do not let it cry i.e Plimen Poul La Pa Kite Li Rele. And later Petion had to say this: "Who is not a thief, we are all thieves." That is the attitude that all Haitians share and that is why we continue to tolerate fraud and corruption in Haiti.

I used to believe that the international communities were the ones that keep Haiti in poverty to play the "Mulattoes' Blame Game Accusation." After 206 years of poverty and accusations we must stop blaming the international communities and we must solve our problems ourselves.

If we change the international communities will change themselves.

When Haitians stop stealing, lying, and killing others they will stop mingling into our Haitian politics for good. All the Haitian former presidents with no exception at all were good and had the good will to change Haiti's economic conditions but being trapped inside an Administration of doublure with all the Mulattoes' CEOs they could not do anything.

We must do a systemic social reform by firing all Haitian public employees from all public institutions and rehire qualified people not the experienced ones in order to completely remove the obstacles against economic progress of Haiti.

I do not want to blame any former presidents, for they were all victims of the Haitian Doublure Administration.

The Haitian CEO Mulattoes will never change a system that benefits them the most. We must reduce the Haitian size of government to 5% and reduce the Haitian diplomacy size as well to bring real reforms in Haiti.

Nou dwe rebwase kat lat la. We must stop blaming the international communities, for we have a systemic problem to take care. We must dismantle the Doublure Administration for effective changes to occur in Haiti.

We must close the Cassation Cour, Superieure Des Comptes, and all the Haitian ministers to rehire qualified people to do the jobs and we will stop blaming presidents, prime ministers or single ministers and the international communities as well. The international communities claim that we have no will to change Haiti, but I tell them the Mulattoes' CEOs have no will to change Haiti, for Haiti is a colony for them. Corrupted mulattoes not all believe they should not develop their colony, therefore they should steal until the country disappears by a natural disaster so they could go live with their children in their metropolis cities around the world.

Almost all mulattoes' children are living good life overseas and their parents in Haiti continue to steal to benefit them. I spoke to several of them in Canada and U.S. too, but they said that they are not responsible for Haiti's poverty although they know the system benefits their parents more than any other persons in Haiti.

I met tnem in several universities and because of my school performance they tell me the truth that they will not reveal to any regular Haitian folks.

They said they would love Haiti to change, for they feel accomplices of the corruption system.

We need a Charlemagne Peralte and a Louis Dejoie to change this current system.

I heard that Charles Henry Baker could bring the reforms that I am asking for but I am not sure of him. We have some mulattoes in Haiti that are not happy with the system too, but they want the masses 97% of Haitians to call for those reforms.

We must start from the scratch to solve all Haitian economic problems.

Do not blame current, former presidents as well as prime ministers for Haiti's corruption, for Haiti has a systemic doublure administration to end after 206 years of abject poverty.

The day we stop playing the Mulattoes' Blame game accusations, we will stop accusing the international communities and we will not have any CIA as accomplices of many political assassinations in Haiti and we will not have stupid MINUSTAH in Haiti to protect mulattoes' wealth and lives anymore.

We must call for drastic reforms to change Haiti.

If you are a mulatto person, step back and ask yourself if it worths to talk about politics without removing the political barriers preventing Haiti from being a developed country.

The most repugnant elite of Haiti (MRI) must leave the Haitian administration for real changes to occur.

All the executive or administrative directors meaning the managers of the Haitian Administration must leave for their management reveals to be a failure after 206 years of poverty.

We do not want Chef Personnel to continue to manage poverty anymore, for they are poverty pimps' people and they must leave ok for real changes to occur...

I do not know what to tell you my friend.

With all due respect, Mathieu is not for the elimination of mulattoes, but we must reform our public institutions with better managers, for the mulattoes' management as Chef Personels or Directors has failed after 206 years of poverty.

For the U.S. to answer your question, we could not get any better treatments, for the best treatment must start home first.

Mulattoes' children receive good treatments in the U.S. and in any other countries besides the United States, for they have wealth my brother.

The rich love other rich people and they protect each other, but the poor do not love each other and they do not protect themselves against poverty and political killing.

The rich in Haiti paid a lot of cold blood killers to either poison or kill me outside of Haiti, for I represent a threat to their corrupted system, but God will not let them realize their killing project against me. Change is on the way my friend, just hope and you will see. Listen, good treatments start home. Mulattoes' children have good treatments in Haiti and they have good children everywhere they go. I hope that you understand me this time. I know what I am talking and I do not want to accuse the international communities, the former presidents and prime ministers anymore.

The true culprits are inside the doublure administration that we must dismantle by a qualified system of good employees to change Haiti...

Mathieu Derisse, January 9 2010, 1:44 PM

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