With all due respect my friend, I do not deny those...

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With all due respect my friend, I do not deny those allegations brought against the international communities and especially the U.S. The truth is Haiti is victim of racism of the international communities.

Remember Mulattoes and Whites cooperate to keep the third world countries under self-internal colonization, but in any fight against any corrupted system one needs allies to achieve certain goals.

First, we must stop blaming the international communities to achieve our political goals.

Next, when they realize that we are serious and we are doing the right thing they will forge alliance in helping us in the fight.

Finally, if they do not help us we will keep them out and I believe they will help, for they are tired of coming back and forth to protect Mulattoes' wealth and their lives as well. The international communities are in Haiti to protect mulattos and nothing else. The administration of doublure with all those mulattoes as chefs personnels or chefs de services, Accountants or chefs comptables or directeurs de services or coordinateurs are supported by Haiti's Chamber of Commerce and the latter is supported by the international communities.

Now, how to get rid of those corruptors?

We have three solutions: Quiet Revolution with technology as called Revolution Tranquile like in Quebec in Canada, Bloody Revolution like Castro did it or Ethnic Cleansing Revolt like the Rwandans people in Africa.

I opt for the first one by replacing the doublure administration by real qualified Haitians and not the experienced ones to kick out those incompetent managers within the Haitian Administration.

Their administration since 1807 reveals to be a failure and they must go. In order to bring the Administration of Doublure to an end we must terminate the employments of all Haitian public employees and rehire new competent and qualified people to do the jobs. We must reduce the size of the Haitian government as well and you will how many Zombies' Checks that exist inside that system of fraud.

We have to fight against 2% of corrupted mulattoes and the other 1% will join us for that cleaning.

The reason that the 97% cannot rebel against that corrupted system is this the mulattoes know how to corrupt, divide us and get us under their control.

Absolutely, they have the backup of the international communities, but one day we will say enough is enough and no one can stop the power of the "Compressor Roll" for their Conveyor Belt (the backup) may not work. Charlemagne Peralte as a true mulatto tried and he got killed by the U.S. forces.

Louis Dejoie another true mulatto tried but he got exile for trying and died suspiciously in Haiti.

Aristide tried and failed so a mass revolt could bring an end to that if the Quiet Social Revolution could not occur.

My friend I know what I am arguing, but there is a way to formulate the arguments for allies' support and cooperation.

The international communities keep stating that Haitians should look out for themselves and they are the ones to solve their own socio-economic ills. Let's test their intention and engage them in the fight to bring the doublure administration down with all those incompetent corruptors and mulattoes executives' blood killers and thieves within the Haitian Administration.

This must come to an end my friend.

I value and respect everything you argue in your posting.

Keep hope and we will get there.

Fok sa Chanje to repeat the deaceased beloved Pope Jean Paul II. Take care and I love your comments.

Keep pressuring the Haitian government for change ok.

Mathieu Derisse, January 9 2010, 11:59 PM

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With all due respect my friend, I do not deny those allegations brought against the international communities and... read more >
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Alicia, 27-Mar-10 11:55 am
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