Mathieu, really brother you talk too much, you must take a...

Zac - January 9 2010, 2:31 PM

Mathieu, really brother you talk too much, you must take a little time and analyze what I'm saying.

I know there's class prejudice and race prejudice in Haiti.

I know that. And as I've said again and again the Haitian elite has created an economic system that benefits them. And I blame them for that because that system is holding the country back. I am not saying that they're not guilty.

But our political leaders are also guilty for not finding a solution it is after all their job as elected officials.

Look at South Africa.

The Whites in South Africa had both political and economic powers, now the black majority has political power and they are defending the interest of the people.

Instead of our political leaders defending the interests of the people who elect them they turn to corruption and thievery.

You talk about reform, but who's going make those reforms if not the president and the other elected officials.

And that is why I blame our political leaders because they have failed to make any reforms that will improve the life of the average Haitian.

The truth is you admire Preval so much that you can't stand to acknowledge that he's part of the problem.

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