My friend, we are on the same path. Did you read about the...

Mathieu Derisse - January 9 2010, 3:34 PM

My friend, we are on the same path. Did you read about the Silent Revolution in Quebec?

South Africa is implementing changes by imitating the Quebec's silent revolution i.e in French "La Revolution Tranquile." We can do that too. If I have to blame I will blame everyone, but when I look at the systemic cancer that is destroying Haiti I cannot blame anyone, and listen "Let's be ourselves." We must start reforming first.

I am a controversial figure, for I do not tolerate poverty and corruption.

In my family, I only knew two honest persons like me and the rest is crap so you can understand how many dishonest people that we have in Haiti.

I take my family as an example to understand all Haitian socio-economic ills. We must denounce corruption and dismantle a failed system that gives us a failed state.

I respect your intellect, but we must continue to denounce the corrupted system to the end. The president alone cannot do it. I do not want to blame presidents, but I stopped doing that after being enlightened about government and administration's modes of governance.

Let's stop playing the so-called political "Blame-Game Accusation" to change stuffs for real in this country.

You and I can do it, but we are not in charge.

I may admire the man for his integrity, but I dislike him for not turning stuffs around.

I would rather be handcuffed like Aristide and manigat for trying instead of covering up a corrupted system...

Take care!

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