I like arguing with you, but you cannot convince me about any...

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I like arguing with you, but you cannot convince me about any president's political power in any country.

A president with good will can do a lot, but racketeerian presidents or puppet presidents cannot do anything.

Listen, real economic power or political power lies on Congress.

The president as a good political player needs to know how to draft real economic policies along with the Congress to implement changes in Haiti.

Preval bears the blame for not having the will to change the doublure administration established in Haiti since 1807, but not for theft.

We can hold him accountable as an accomplice like we did for all the former prime ministers and presidents of Haiti.

My friend, I do not want to play the "Blame-Game's accusation anymore to benefit the doublure administration of Haiti.

Haiti has a systemic problem to solve within its administration, for we do not have good managers such as good chef personnels, directors and accountants to name a few to manage well the system and that is why the system fails.

I am calling for drastic reforms to occur within all public institutions for a better Haiti.

Lakay se lakay and we must go back to help. I am not defending Preval and he does not even know me. If he had a strong character like myself, he should leave that stupid public function since he cannot implement any reform.

Castro did advise him on how to implement drastic reforms to change this country for real, but his hands are tied and if he tries he would be handcuffed and deported like Aristide.

I am calling my friend for the return of all former Haitian presidents without any conditions imposed to them, for they were all victims of the Haitian Doublure Administration and more will become victims if we do not end it. We must create a Council of all Former Haitian Presidents or a Commission of Former Haitian Presidents to watch over the Haitian institutions after ending the Haitian Doublure Administration.

The international communities that you are accusing blame us for not having the will to change our own country and Haitians are the ones to solve their socio-economic ills, and what are you reproaching them for?

Stop playing Haian Elites' Political Blame Game. I trust you and I know that you have good will to change this country at all levels.

I agree with you that we must blame all. Good Congress, good presidents, good managers in all public institutions and good governance that is all we need to change Haiti...

Mathieu Derisse, January 9 2010, 2:13 PM

Topic: Président Préval est un Pitoyable Agronome

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