Mahtieu Derisse, you are not sure what you are talking about...

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Mahtieu Derisse, you are not sure what you are talking about.

As I said before, that some of the Haitians presidents may be scared of another power that keeps them fromd doing the right things for their countries, and that power can not be just the 3% mulattoes.

However, if you happen to be really sure that you have met with some mulattoes that told you all those stories, I think you should be confident enough to bring that to the attention of all Haitians people by getting contact with journalisms and let them know what you have heard from those mulattoes own's kin.

Meanwhile, I doubt most of your stories about mulattoes corrupt Haiti, a country where 97% or more are non-white or non-mulattoes.

And, most, if not all, Haiti presidents were dark skinned.

How come 3% VS 97% would is so hard to figure out or overcome?.

You probably not want to tell the story the way you know for sure, because you living in the USA. Otherwise, you would have wondered the same thing: Who support those 3% mulattoes to be strong enough to keep the country down?.

Unless they have a bigger force behind them that support them, there would be no way they would be able to influence into many Haitian people to commit coup d'etas and corruptions again and gain with no fear.

You never think like that?

Further, anyone who put money and guns into the hands of a group of people to kill and do any kind of crime, he/ she is the one that responsible the most part.

The USA government has tons of Histories of doing that, utilizing someone or a group of people in certain countries to go against his or their own government, or using someone or group of people to go against some parties in some countries who are not agree with them.

A clear example, is also the latest in that USA histories, is the Iran situation.

You can see how zealots they are about using all kind of tactics against the Iran government to try to find a way get into the country and its business.

Another clear example, is also the reason that brings me online to become a blogger, the many experiences I have had in the USA, which usually take place in social life, such as in workplaces as usual, where the white people using one black to counter against another black, or one Haitian VS another Haitian...

usually against the ones who appear to be smart, intelligent, and usually not agree with them on many things they do or say. I'm myself a victim of that kind of human abuses in the USA many times.

Speaking of international communities have nothing to do with Haiti system, nor they have right to change it, don't they know about those corruptors mulattoes?

If so, isn't is their job to clean corruptions out of Haiti?

I believe so. I thought that's why the U.S. and U.N. are there for: To help, to protect, and to serve Haiti until it get better to its feet.

If they not there for that, why they there for?

Maybe to protect those mulattoes or those who were part of the coup d' order word, to protect those who work for them.

If the international communities have no rights to do anything, why did they pressure Aristide to go to exile?

Isn't that a sign of helping those mulattoes corruptors you talking about.

Therefore, that's enough prove to show you that the U.S. is the main culprit in Haitians live and Haiti.

What prove do you have to show that the mulattoes are the ones alone to blame for Haiti situation without an EXTERNAL CULPRIT supporting them?


You know what that means?

In a hostage situation the CULPRIT is not usually visible, but his/ her hostage is, and his or her hostage can act on behalf of what the CULPRIT says. If not, the hostage victim knows he/ she may end up dead.

Would you rather suggested that some of the mulattoes have been paid and supported by the USA and U.N. to do that to Haiti in attempt to blame it on Haitians people as usual?

Anyway, I can undertand why you don't want to tell it like it is, though., January 9 2010, 7:56 PM

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