Mathieu whether or not you want to acknowledge your admiration...

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Mathieu whether or not you want to acknowledge your admiration for Preval that is your business, there's really nothing wrong with that, and if you believe he's an honest man that is also your business but you won't succeed at convincing me I'm too damn smart for that. Like I said, I will not deny that the business elite bears considerable blame for the economic troubles Haiti faces.

It is true that they have created an economic system that only benefits them, as do all elites in a society.

You said "Presidents do not really have real political and economic power, but their Congress/Parliamentary system does" that is false you should pick up a book on government.

Presidents do have power specially in the Haitian government system, they and their administration are the ones who create economic policies and manage the economy.

Parliament's job is to enact laws.

You said Mr. Preval does not have a majority in parliament that is false too. He does have a majority in both chamber which is precisely why he was able to concoct the swift demise of prime minister Pierre-Louis.

And he just selected a CEP who is working fervently on his behalf to insure that after the next election he still holds a majority in Parliament.

And he's the one who hand-selected those illiterate for the seats they currently hold in parliament.

The dumber they are the easier it is for Mr. Preval to manipulate them.

If Preval was competent he could have gotten a lot done because the mass is on his side as they were on Aristide's side and Preval's party has a majority in parliament as long as the mass who is the electorate is on his side he can do a lot. He can force the business elite to be more equitable in their business practices make them pay taxes etc...

But instead he chooses to lie in bed with them.

To reiterate, yes the business elite is guilty, the international community is also guilty and our political leaders starting with the president are also guilty.

With Preval i don't what it is, is it incompetence or that he doesn't care about Haiti I don't know, but what I do know is that he's a complete failure.

Oh wait, at least he succeeded at convincing you that he bears no blame.

To solve Haiti's problems we have to hold all parties accountable we can't blame a few while ignoring others.

If he couldn't do the job he should have never accepted it.

Zac, January 9 2010, 1:37 PM

Topic: Président Préval est un Pitoyable Agronome

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