Mathieu, while it's true that the Haitian Bourgeoisie bear...

Zac - January 9 2010, 7:29 AM

Mathieu, while it's true that the Haitian Bourgeoisie bear considerable blame for the economic disturbances Haiti has been dealing with, one cannot deny the incompetence and the greed of our political leaders.

In every society there's always a group who wants to keep all the resources of that society to themselves.

It is the responsibility of our political leaders to manage the resources of Haiti effectively.

Apparently Mr. Preval and all those who came before him have failed.

If you're going to talk about who should be held accountable then Mr. Preval too needs to be on the list because he's just as guilty.

He's incompetence is shocking.

You think he would have learn by now how to govern a country after all he's on his final lapse of his presidency.

The job of a president is to figure out the problems of a country and then solve it. Preval has failed so have the ones who came before him. The only thing they're good at is create division and turning one part of the population against the other.

It's funny how every president manages to convince the Haitian people that the Haitian elite is responsible for every single problem the average Haitian faces, yet those same presidents only interact with the Haitian elite, they only marry the Haitian elite.

Sure the Haitian elite has a monopoly on the Haitian economy but if our political leaders were educated, competent and honest they could have solve that problem long ago.

And what is your problem with the OASIS project anyway.

Finally a group of Haitian business leaders created a nice project in the country but because you're so in love with Preval and refuse to acknowledge his incompetence you blame the people who create the project that will attract tourists to the country and create jobs.

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