My friend, I am not in love with any president and I do not...

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My friend, I am not in love with any president and I do not even have any contact with Preval nor I am not looking for any contact either.

Politically speaking, all presidents are working on behalf of their economic elites, the big business people in their country.

If their economic elites do not want them to do certain things they cannot do it. Presidents do not really have real political and economic power, but their Congress/Parliamentary system does. The Parliament exists to defend the elites' economic interests by pretending they are representing the people.

Preval should have used the Haitian parliamentary system for political leverage, but he does not have the majority to do so and his hands are tied so he cannot do anything.

If he had a strong character like myself he should resign and call for political elections to gain the majority he is looking for. I will never blame any president whether it is Obama or Preval.

I will blame their congress and their economic elites.

We have changed so many presidents, prime ministers and nothing has changed in Haiti, why?

We should attack the Haitian Bourgeoisie and the Haitian Parliament for all Haiti's socio-economic ills. The resaon that we have so many changes in the United States is the fact that the U.S. Congress has a lot of qualified educated Congressmen and Congresswomen and they see the need to bring changes in their country and again they have two strong political parties among 25 other parties to fill the vacuum.

I am not an opportunist and I am not flattering any president, but all I know Preval is an honest person.

If his character were strong enough, he should have resigned or called for new elections after one month once he realized that he could not bring any reforms into the Haitian political system.

In Israel, the prime ministers always called for new elections once they realized they could not implement any political reforms.

It is the time for us to understand the Haitian bourgeoisie game through the so-called parliamentary political system.

The real political and economic power lies on the Haitian parliamentary system and not the president.

Those domestics are defending the political and economic interests of the Haitian Bourgeoisie.

What Preval should do?

First he should motivate the masses and make them realize that he cannot do reforms and bring changes on their behalf.

Once motivated enough, the people would call for new elections.

He should close the Haitian Congress and call for true elections by supporting a new president.

From there, the new president would have a strong majority in the parliament and you will see how many Haitian bourgeois that will leave Haiti in mass to go live overseas.

Those thieves do not want reform to occur in Haiti and they will leave.

We have the most repugnant elites of the world and that is why we cannot have real reforms in Haiti.

The Doublure Administration left by Petion and that stupid parliament system are responsible for corruption and poverty in Haiti and not the current president nor the former presidents either.

They were all victims of a corrupted doublure administration with technocrat mulattos that are working under the garments at all executive levels.

Haiti's political system is being hijacked for years by the doublure administration with all the mulattos holding executive positions within the Haitian administration to prevent real changes to occur and tie the Haitian president's hands.

We must call for a second revolution in Haiti, for the executive mulattos within the Haitian administration (Haitian CEOS), the Parliament and the Haitian Bourgeoisie do not represent the interests of the Haitian people.

The Haitian president has nothing to do with Haitian misery and sufferings and that is why I am calling for the return of all Haitian former presidents, victims of a corrupted political administration to return unconditionally and we should form a Council of Haitian Former Presidents to help with all problems we have in this country.

We must call for new elections by reforming the system and ask that council to fill the vacuum while we are making the elections.

All those presidents were victims of the Haitian Doublure Administration left by the mulatto president called Petion.

Under this system, all dark skinned Haitians and presidents are puppets.

The real leader and founding father for the mulattos is Alexandre Petion and not Dessalines and Christophe.

If you want to know some history go read Dessalines speech on January 1, 1804 to understand what is happening in this country.

It is time for us to stop accusing any current or former presidents for all Haitian political and economic ills of Haiti.

I have identified the culprits so we must call for drastic reforms or call for a social revolution by starting all over like Trudeau did it in Canada in the 1960s with no effusion of blood.

You see my friend with all due respect I cannot blame any president.

I am an outsider to this system and I cannot flatter anyone.

One of my cousin was prime minister in Haiti and he thought that he could do reform despite of his honesty, he became a puppet prime minister until they kicked him out and I never called him for any favor my friend.

We laughed at him when we knew that he was appointed for that job, for we knew that he would become a puppet within a Doublure Administration established by Petion to drain all economic resources of this country.

The new president should terminate the employments of all Haitian employees for real reforms to occur and next he should reform the corrupted judiciary system as well as the Cour Superieur Des Comptes responsible for corruption in Haiti.

My friend, we have a lot of work to do and we cannot blame a puppet president for that...

Mathieu Derisse, January 9 2010, 9:47 AM

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