Hello, Just got your reply and here is what I have to say...

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Just got your reply and here is what I have to say about it...

First and foremost, I am holding my horse indeed.

I have never met Jacqueline Charles, so I do not know what she looks like; but if you say you do and know that she is well respected that is good news. You can go read some of my blogs everythinghaitian.com/member/WhatC... if and when you wish or have some time to kill for dialogues about our nations.

Now back to the issue at hand. My friend, although I am not naive, I am also not in the business of knocking down ideas with cynicism as most Haitians do while I understand fully why many can be skeptical as well.

As Haitians, we often approach every known ideas with such pessimism that only creates obstacles preventing us from actually get involved in anything good for Haiti.

After all, as I said I understand.

Imagine if people in America were to knock down every known ideas, proposals and dreams they had like Haitians do, where America would be today...

is anybody's guess.

It is not our faults, it is in our blood to not trust anything our own kinds present to us, but had it been something the white man tells us was good, we would find all types flocking to his ideas.

Kind of an enslaved mentality, would you not say so yourself?.

Every time someone presents an idea, you will find many Haitians telling you it should have been this and that instead or in addition of this and that. Meanwhile establish no foundation to go anywhere with the original first idea while no steps are taken and we find ourselves where we always are, and with what we always have - nowhere with nothing.

When it is said, that they will lower the cost for or of doing business in Haiti, you do not know all the implementations that come with that statement regarding the specifics to which areas those costs will be lowered or if it is just for investors that this is applied to nor if within this mandate that they might have plans for import/export custom tax relief as you stated, you do not k now that for a fact. When in America one is not sure of the full doctrine of something, what do we do?

Yes, indeed we research it and ask the proper people and try to get more information on the matter.

Have you done that yourself before voicing your skepticism aloud?

What I do not support is how Haitians like to buy bunch of clunkers and debris to ship to Haiti and expect to pay little money on it. We are known for collecting garbage and send them to Haiti and cluttered the country with trash.

"Tout sa pa bon nan "Amerika ak lot peyi, se pou Ayiti nou we li bon" Let me see you try that with Columbia.

with Columbia, if you do not have a brand new car to ship there you cannot ship an old car unless it passes all types of emission, safety requirements and must be considered a classic which you pay a certain fee for that. In fact for most other places in Central Caribbean Latin-America, if a car is above 8 or 10 years it is not shippable.

Although I understand your concern for high fees, but you never stop to imagine why the fees are so high?

It costs a lot of money for Boat fuel, constant instability in Haiti so the economy never grows to allow time to reduce those fees you are talking about, more people want to ship garbage and expect cheap embarked fees for the trash they are bringing in, custom must pay its "Portuaire Authorities" staffs yet lack of people shipping period due to all the namely above reasons and so much more...

you name them.

Furthermore, Haitians and I mean each individual civilian Haitian thus us Haitians we always expect the most from government and never are part of or commit to any movements to bring about changes in Haiti.

We always expect things to work fast without never creating the infrastructure and foundation for them. By infrastructure and foundation meaning having a starting point and knowing that things have to start somewhere somehow, no matter how not sound idealistically it might seem at first, but paths need to be laid for other possibilities to work off them for other means and hopefully better ones gradually.

It is always Haitian government this and that. No, as Haitians, we are our biggest obstacles.

we are the ones lacking solidarity, we are the ones with no kinds of innovative thinking and are the hopeless ones. Or should I say, all we ever do is hope and never put actions to realize those hopes ourselves.

We are our own mediocrities and we are the ones with such high level of incompetent mentalities with statements like this here "I'd bet my life that we will hear that same statement/anouncement from a the next prime mister before that big moron, Preval, leaves office" just as you have put it. Thus multiply that response 9Million times plus some this is why we will always be where we are.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, December 2 2009, 4:53 PM

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