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Wilgeens Rosenberg,

You said "When it is said, that they will lower the cost for or of doing business in Haiti, you do not know all the implementations that come with that statement regarding the specifics to which areas those costs will be lowered or if it is just for investors that this is applied to nor if within this mandate that they might have plans for import/export custom tax relief as you stated, you do not k now that for a fact."

Well, ton Wilgreens, you seem to forget one very important think about the way government functions.

A competent government has the obligation and the duty to tell investors and its people where those cuts are coming from and who exactly will benifit from these lower costs for doing business in Haiti, and how much or % that will be cut. I do not need to do any research to find that out. Incompetent and mediocre government like the one in Haiti always gives vague information and they do that purposely because they know full well they are speaking in a empty hole. If they don't deliver then they cannot be blamed because they did not give you any specifics on their promises.

Furthermore, you talked a lot about Haitian being skeptic, cinisism, and percemistic, and what not. Well Mr. Wilgreens, have you ever heard of "cause and effect" theory?

Contrary, to your belief, Haitians weren't born that way and they don't have all that skepticism, percemistic, etc. in their blood.

They rather became that way because of their government, foreigners, and other Haitians alike lying to them and making false promises to them 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

You cannot compare Haitians to Americans because the American government instills trust to its people.

The American government always follows through in its promises.

The American government always does what it said that it was going to do. Yes, I know and we all know that the American government lies a lot too, but it is mostly on foreign policy.

The American government explains to its people exactly what and where it's going to cut or spend and how much. It's never a mistery.

Mr. Wilgreens, Haitians don't unite and will not unite because they are lack of a leader.

They are deprived of leadership from their own government.

Stop fooling yourself because citizens don't unite nations, governments do that. Governments bring people together and it is called "reconciliation and nation healing." This is not something that you or I nor both of us can do, got it?

There is big different between citizens/people/civilians and governments.

Their roles are distinctly differently and Haitians need to understand that and able to make the difference between the two.

Until the prime minister starts the implementation of his anouncement and promise to cut costs as way to bring investors to Haiti and starts moving things forward, well, I am afraid to tell you this but Haitians will still remain skeptical, percemistic, and negative about every promise that will be made to them in the future.

Please remember "cause and effect" theory and you'll get it. Haitian people are only reacting to the false promises and all the lies that they were told.

Tiba, December 2 2009, 7:53 PM

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