Ayiti Lokal about the "dual citizenship", I forgot to mention...

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Ayiti Lokal

about the "dual citizenship", I forgot to mention something very important and I need your reaction to it.

It is said and proven by many that Preval is a "naturalized Belge citizen," and yet you voted for him in 2006 to be president of your country, how could you make such crapy mistake?

As far as Bill Cliton being a "Foley," you are questioning the wrong person.

You ough to question your president, Preval, and questioning yourself for bringing Cliton in to run your country for you because you cannot do it yourselves.

Andy, can't you see that Haiti is the only country on this planet incapable to gorvern itself, and therefore, Haitians have to get a foreigner with a foreign army to run the country for them, doesn't that tell you something?

And that's proved my point.

Preval must not be Haitian otherwise he would have done something for his country, or he is Haitian but doesn't love his country that much, or he is purely and simply too incompetent and mediocre to do anything at all. Which is which, Andy?

Here you are sitting in Miami with a bunch of phonies as members of the most laughable organization called "Haitian Congress" shouting and screaming at each other in every meeting trying to make yourselves sound as if you are really doing something meaningful for your country, and it's been decades now.

Andy, do me a favor, if you don't learn anything else but learn this, "emotion, resentment, and politics" just don't go together.

These three are bad combinations.

And one very important political concept that ALL Haitians need to learn is that "politics is politics, and nothing personal."

This is one of the resons why Haitians cannot unite to get anything done for their country because they make politics a personal issue/subject too freaken much and therefore tey become too impaired to engage in any rational debate/discussion that is beneficial to their country.

Tiba, August 5 2009, 9:51 AM

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Ayiti Lokal about the "dual citizenship", I forgot to mention something very important and I need your reaction to it... read more >
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