Ayiti Lokal, Andrew (Andy) Thomas, Can you for once put all...

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Ayiti Lokal, Andrew (Andy) Thomas,

Can you for once put all the drama and emotion aside and have a rational conversation about this issue?

Why expressing so much anger and so much resentment?

You said "At this moment, I believe that "dual citizenship" would make Haiti even more vulnerable." This is the most schizophrenic absurdy and laughable comment that I have ever heard.

How would Haiti be vulnerable Andy?

Do you really think giving dual citizenship will make Haiti more vulnerable to be taken over by these Haitians with dual citizenship?

These Haitians with dual citizenship will come with their own military and occupy Haiti and bring slavery back again?

What do you really mean by that Andy?

Andy do you really think those who naturalized did so because they don't love Haiti Quisqueya or bohio?

Do you really think because you managed some how to keep your Haitian citizenship, and you did so because you love Haiti more than the other person who naturalized?

Actually, Andy, I know many Haitians born who are now naturalized doing awhole lot more for Haiti than you would do in your entire life. I know many of these naturalized lobbying US government to ease its racist foreign policy in Haiti (this is something you cannot do with your green card) because you don't have voting power here in the US, and that is a fact.

Andy, I know many Haitians living in US with a green card like yourself who hate Haiti with every fiber in their body. My very best friend, who lives in Miami with a green card for the past 35 years, cannot stand listening about Haiti.

He will do everything to excuse himself everytime he finds himself in a potential conversation about Haiti.

That is how much he hates that country.

He never put foot in Haiti in 35 years and has no plan to do so in any near future.

I know of many Haitians in the US holding a green card who are just like him, and what do you say to those Haitians?

Andy, I pointed it out to prove to you that your argument is not based on rationality but rather on pure ignorance, being misinformed, and on pure resentment.

Furthermore, You said a lot about sovereignty, respect for Haiti, love for Haiti, blah, blah, blah, are you saying for example, the United States, Canada, France, Australia, ect. ect...

with dual citizenship are lest of a country than Haiti?

Are you saying that Haiti is worth more than these countries and that is why dual citizenship will never be an option?

Or are you saying Haiti is still a premitive country living the dark age principles, and that Haiti is out of touch, and therefore incapable to think about what is good for its advancement and its progress in this 21st century?

Andy tell us something, I heard of this Haitian Congress in Florida for decades now, what has this congress crap done for Haiti's progress exactly?

Oh, I get it! this so-called congress is the organization that is fighting against dual citizenship status, am I right?

Well, at least that gives you guys something to do in that hot sun in south Florida.

I must warn you though, whether you like it or not, dual citizenship will be soon the law of the land in Haiti.

Tiba, August 5 2009, 9:15 AM

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